Regenerate, Reinvention or Reengagement - What will the world look like?

In this time of complete uncertainty of what the future looks like post Covid-19, are the pre Covid-19 theories of the workplace trends going to remain relevant?

Whilst some of the trends will remain true, previously unforeseen challenges will arise us of industries and professions no-one could of ever imagined.

As a leader in human behaviour – one certainty will be the level of nervousness, risk taking and with certainty workplace structure will take time to recover, if at all.

But it does raise questions like:

  1. How long will it take for businesses to go back to offering its pre workforce permanent and casual work arrangements or will the Gig economy become more prominent?

  2. Any business IP that has been lost in the process of downsizing – is this lost forever?

  3. Did the business capture IP and create robust process capturing as its first line of defence for the future, or did it have to make cuts straight away?

  4. Have work priorities been based on maintaining the norm or expanding the end user opportunities and customer experience?

In a highly competitive market made up of a large number of Small/Medium Enterprises, operating on low margins, the ability to survive, invest and build the foundations to ensure fast tracked rebuilding, in some cases has been limited to the fast pace of the COVID-19 impact.

All businesses have been faced with instantaneous impact that didn’t allow for preparation time for the readiness of this unprecedent change. We have seen Executive teams working around the clock to make decisions just in time, that in most cases were out of date within 24 hours or less.

So once business, surpass the immediate, 1 month, 3-month, 6-month plans – what does rebuild look like?

Is it Regeneration, Reinvention or reengagement of the same business models?

The answer lies with the actions we take now and our ability to take a critical look at both our pre and post business offer and think in the abstract, the what if, the futurist hat of what the market looks like.

We need to assess how we can retain both our product/service appeal our point of difference and consider does it need to look different when the world reassesses its priorities.

Whilst this period is beyond difficult and has created tragedy for so many, it also has opened many peoples eyes to what is important?, the lack of importance of having the best possessions, the latest trends, the need to be busy 24/7 will have less value than ever.

The things that are important are the safety and health of everyone we love, having a roof over our heads and food on the table, and caring for the welfare of people around us, if we know them or not.

The number of times I, like many others, have broken into spontaneous tears when you listen to the loss within the world of lives, jobs and certainty. The basics of life have become more important than ever.

So, in business how can we take the focus on creating certainty and trust, and a sense of value in our brand and our workforce, into the new world will determine our future success and robust ability to regenerate and create prosperous futures.

In my business, due to being a non-essential costs to my clients, outside my core HR services, my project work and culture rebuild programs have taken a back seat.

At first, I sat back and went oh shit how will my highly successful business of 18 years bounce back and keep my team meaningful employed, when I don’t have the paid work on the table anymore?

Then I kicked myself in the bum, and moved to look at what I can do now to be an even better partner to clients in the future through providing them with what they will need to reboot, regenerate and reengage on the other side of this pandemic.

So, after 14 days of being housebound, helping people and businesses at no cost, it was time to focus on some practical methods of what we can do to be ready.

And in doing so I posed the following questions:

  1. What does my brand mean to my customers pre Covid-19?

  2. What will it mean post Covid-19?

  3. What is my true business offer that makes a difference to my clients? Is it the processes and tangibles or is it the out of the box advice, or is it my style and its ability to gel with any business?

  4. What are the tools and products I offer, and could they be easier, quicker, more personalised and better?

  5. What can I offer that I don’t offer now that leverages off my teams and brand offer?

  6. Are there opportunities to be innovative with my products and services to expand the reach to more markets?

  7. Who are the people and the businesses I want to partner with in the future? Who would be my nirvana client?

So, what’s your decision is it to Regenerate, Reinvention, Reengagement?

In these times I have seem extraordinary and unexpected behaviour from strangers, customers and suppliers. The kindness and selfless behaviour that has been shown by so many are the core to who I am endeavouring to ensure are a part of what my future looks like.

It truly is the hardest of times, that bring out the true character of those we interact with.

My true awakening out of this phenomenon is that I am truly driven by the sense of helping others, whilst I always said this, my own self-worth and happiness is causally connected to my sense of personal achievement is the feeling of helping others be as awesome as they want to be.

So, for me and my team, is to reinvigorate my business. To take this time to enhance our offer in everything from business strategy, tools and processes, to how we help people deliver the worst news ever, but are able to achieve pride and a sense of achievement from being the best they can be.

Our new business tag line, might even change from “Fearless Living” to “Creating Fearlessness for your Path of Awesomeness”.

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