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Helping you make the most of your  multi-generational workforce

Nicky's book GenNorm
is out now.

Find out why multi-generational workplace management is the new norm for succeeding in business today.
Nicky's sure-fire method of managing people through
5 steps to success will help you make the most of your greatest assets.
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GenNorm book cover
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"102 pages read! Couldn't put it down! Certainly feel that I am on the right track with my management style after reading and reminded me to push on with employee interaction. The 5 steps and how you are breaking down personalities will be a great tool to develop on. It's a book where you need post it notes."

- Peter Robertson, Operations Manager, Benpower

By 2030, the face of Australia's workforce will change forever because of the fact that 54% of the Australian workforce will in their mid-30s or younger. Business leaders, managers and communication influencers are grappling with the complexity of five generations being represented within their teams.


So how do you turn this from a time consuming challenge to a fierce competitive advantage?


Nicky Mackie has the answers in this fascinating instructional book. In GenNorm: Why Multi-Generational management is the new 'norm' for succeeding in business today, she urges business thought leaders to harness the diverse talents of their teams by understanding their generational and individual drivers.


With a powerful 5-step method, Nicky inspires readers to leverage their greatest asset with ease. The book's wisdoms are distilled from her vast experience at the helm of high-level positions in human resources, executive coaching and people management.


Nicky Mackie is in the business of empowering people.  She is a lifelong champion of creating opportunity for others – and digging deep to understand what makes people tick.


chapter summary

Chapter 1: PEOPLE – The present and future

  • People - your team, their contribution and generational influences in the workplace

  • Present – what it looks like now, challenges businesses face

  • Future – organizational impact, succession plan, development and mapping, feedback and connections.


Chapter 2: What is GenNorm?

The concept, the theory, and the whole shebang!


Chapter 3: Your Solution – The 5 steps to success


Chapter 4: Step One – Strategic Planning


Chapter 5: Step Two – Skills and Knowledge


Chapter 6: Step Three - Systems and Processes


Chapter 7: Step Four - Smart Coaching, Training and Mentoring


Chapter 8: Step Five - Support Services


Chapter 9: Taking Action - how to build GenNorm into your business


Chapter 10: Summary - GenNorm at its best