Keynote Speaker

Nicky is an experienced and engaging speaker, having facilitated conferences and workshops since 2001. She brings her presentations to life with stories from her experience in the corporate sector and working with a wide range of businesses to achieve their goals through their people.

As a speaker Nicky draws from her depth of experience in many areas of expertise over many industries.


Some of her work extends to topics such as:

  • Creating your Own Uniqueness - generationally, organisationally and individually

  • Creating Your New Workplace

  • Building your competitive advantage through both your brand and your team

  • What is our Value Proposition?

  • What is this thing called Succession Planning ?

  • Controlling the room - the Art of achieving the outcome you want

  • What are the so called Hot Keys of my teams drivers?

  • Building the Culture I Want

  • Strategy Building that's more than a plan - it drives the organisational dream

Nicky's passion for understanding human behaviour is the key to her success as a presenter, facilitator and business partner.

Highlights from a conference Nicky facilitated.
Nicky presenting at a global community of HR and Business Leaders.

The launch of Fearless Living – Women’s Business & Networking Event.