Recruitment - How to attract top talent to your business

Finding someone with the right fit for your business and your culture can be challenging but also a great opportunity for your business.

We all know recruiting new team members is an investment and the cost of recruitment and loss of downtime before the new team member is productive is so significant we need to ensure we get it right.

If you are in the position of recruiting team members, here are some tips to get it right:

  • Have a clear Job Description – be specific and include personality traits to attract the right person to the role

  • Promote team member referrals or implement a company referral program - this can save you in advertising costs and brings a culture that demonstrates valuing team member opinions

  • Value attitude and cultural fit over skills – you can teach skills but only if they have the right attitude and willingness to learn and develop

  • Be clear on your company vision and then recruit a team member to fit that vision

  • Focus on long term growth plans, don’t recruit for your short term goals, look further ahead for someone who can grow with your business

  • Prioritise intelligence and flexibility over experience

  • Have a great on-boarding program – recruitment doesn’t stop when you offer them the role, induction and the first months of training are critical in developing work practices, cultural expectations and setting the foundations for moving forward

To build the desired culture of your business and how you attract the right talent to support this can be enhanced by the voice of your teams.

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